Henry Sibley E-Warriors Capture Victory
Henry Sibley E-Warriors Capture Victory Against Saint Louis Park
Posted on 02/21/2020


The Overwatch Team (part of the Henry Sibley E-Warriors Club) is participating in the inaugural Minnesota E-Sports League (MNVL). The MNVL is sponsored by Minnesota Timberwolves Gaming. On February 8, the Overwatch Team participated in a live match against St. Louis Park at the Timberwolves facility in the Mayo Center. The game was streamed live on Twitch, and the E-Warriors came away with the victory. Cole Kunert and Ayub Ahmed were MVPs and were interviewed post-match. The team also includes Thomas Larsen, Sam Zien, Isaiah Walker, James Jaeger, and Jaden Partyka. The advisors are Eric Vernon and Daven Kokkila. The team faces St. Thomas Academy on February 29 at the Timberwolves Facility and will also be participating in the State Tournament March 14-15. The E-Warriors embody students demonstrating agency in a competitive welcoming community.