Health Services

Heritage students standing outside of the schoolHEALTH SERVICES MISSION 
The mission of Health Services in School District 197 is to facilitate and strengthen the educational process by promoting, improving and protecting the health status of students. 

Our philosophy eliminates barriers to learning by promoting wellness, enhancing healthy behaviors, encouraging self care, providing skilled nursing and protecting children's well-being.

The Health Offices of District 197 schools are staffed during the day by a Licensed School Nurse or a Health Paraprofessional. If a student becomes ill or is injured during the school day, they should report to the Health Office. The Health Staff assigned to the office will make a determination whether the student is able to remain in school or should be sent home. Parents and guardians will be called by the Health Staff when appropriate. In cases of an emergency, 911 will be called. Please call your student's Health Office if you have questions.

Stacie O'Leary, Health Services Coordinator 
651-403-8040 |

Tessa Larsen, Somerset
651-403-8202 |

Julie Hanks, Garlough
651-403-8102 | 

Carmen Teskey, Friendly Hills
651-403-7602 |

Laura Grulkowski, Mendota
651-403-8002 |

Julie Berg, Heritage
651-403-7402 | 

Sara Hennessy, Moreland
651-403-7802 | 

Karen Leif, Henry Sibley
651-403-7102 | 

Roberta Tichy, Pilot Knob
651-403-7902 |

Debra Lee, Early Learning
651-403-8376 |


When students are ill, we recommend they stay home to prevent the spread of illness. See guidelines for diseases, allergies, physical exams and more.


District 197 complies with the Minnesota State Immunization Law, which states that all students must be immunized or show proof of legal exemption to attend school. 


Although students and their families are encouraged to establish schedules allowing them to take medications at home, the School District recognizes that sometimes this is impossible to accomplish. See the District's procedures for dispensing medication to students.


The district screens for vision, hearing, and color vision in elementary and middle school.