Community Partners

School District 197 benefits from the support of area nonprofits and community organizations: 

360 COMMUNITIES — Partners for Success Program
West St. Paul - Mendota Heights - Eagan Area Schools' partnership with 360 Communities provides services to help students and families overcome problems that prevent a successful school experience. This initiative, known as Partners For Success, also helps to decrease the time teachers spend on non-academic issues so they can focus on what they do best: teaching.

Schools and teachers are stretched to meet both academic and social needs, often uncovering issues that require significant time and expertise to successfully resolve. Major family stress and interference with a child's ability to learn at school can stem from problems like chemical dependency, financial struggles, abuse/neglect, poor parenting skills, attendance concerns, language/cultural barriers, lack of transportation, health concerns and difficulty meeting basic needs of adequate food and appropriate clothing.

360 Communities' Family Support Workers are in District 197's schools, ready to help families find solutions so kids come to school ready to learn, and teachers spend less time out of the classrooms and more time teaching. Thanks to this program, parents increase their involvement and communication with the school, and students show improved attendance and academic achievement.

Partners for Success in District 197 is funded in part by the District and in part by community contributions made to 360 Communities. 

School District 197 and the Thomas Irvine Dodge Nature Center have a strong partnership that provides nature-based learning experiences for district students. Dodge was particularly crucial in transforming Garlough Elementary into an Environmental Magnet School and Heritage into an E-STEM Magnet School. Students from Garlough, Heritage and other District 197 schools visit Dodge regularly to explore the outdoors and learn through hands-on projects. 

Dodge Nature Center features 320 acres of prairies, hardwood forests, lakes, wetlands, miles of hiking trails, plus a working farm, orchard, and bee apiary. In addition to Dodge’s vast natural resources, District 197 students also have access to Dodge equipment, including snowshoes, waders, dip nets, specimen collection materials, and water-sampling equipment.


Districts working together to provide supplemental learning opportunities include: 
Burnsville - District 191 
Farmington - District 192 
Hastings - District 200 
Inver Grove Heights - District 199 
Lakeville - District 194 
Randolph - District 195 
Rosemount - District 196 
South St. Paul - District 06 
West St. Paul - Mendota Heights - Eagan - District 197


School District 197 shares services with Inver Grove Heights and South St. Paul as part of TriDistrict Community Education and Adult Basic Education.

For more information about partners that support our students, visit each school's Community Partners page: 
Garlough | Mendota | Moreland | Pilot Knob | Somerset | Friendly Hills | Heritage | Henry Sibley