Immunization Policy

All school districts must comply with Minnesota State Immunization Law (M.S. 121A.15), This states that all students must be immunized or show proof of legal exemption to attend school. Failure to be immunized or show evidence of immunization or legal exemption will prohibit the student from attending school.

Parents or guardians who come to the school or district to enroll their students are required to bring a written record of their student's immunizations. Students will not be allowed to attend school until this documentation is provided.


Minnesota Immunization Requirements Chart

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(Find the chart above and details about immunization schedules at the MN Dept. of Health's Immunization website.)

To go to school in Minnesota, students must show they’ve had these immunizations or file a legal exemption with the school. Minnesota's School Immunization Law allows the parent or guardian of a minor child (or the emancipated student) to file for a legal exemption to the school immunization requirements. The law allows for two types of legal exemptions: medical and conscientious. Learn more

Find more details about state immunization requirements at the MN Dept. of Health Immunization website.