Picture of Moreland Student with iPadTECHNOLOGY VISION 
The vision of technology in District 197 is to transform the learning experience through personalized learning. The vision includes an effective and efficient technology infrastructure. 

The mission of technology in District 197 is to support the creation and use of digital curriculum and innovative instructional practices and is intended to promote and enhance daily operations and collaboration throughout the system.

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Please direct all questions regarding technology to the Help Desk first. 


Innovative Instructional Practices:

  • Promote problemā€solving, which requires critical, creative and analytical thinking skills
  • Facilitate engaging learning environments that support and encourage inquiry and experimentation 
  • Increase student achievement
  • Provide for personalized learning

Digital Curriculum:

  • Provides access to information and skills needed to succeed in a changing world and workplace
  • Creates opportunities for collaboration and digital communication inside the classroom and globally
  • Expands opportunities for parent collaboration with their child’s learning experience

Promote and Enhance Daily Operations: 

  • Improve collaboration and communication between and among district employees
  • Facilitate access to information for decision making
  • Increase efficiencies and improve employee productivity 
  • Provide for a foundation for the instructional and business needs
  • Expand and improve communication between the teacher, school, district and community