New Math Curriculum for 17-18
After year two of the Curriculum Review Process, District 197 has selected a new math curriculum for grades K-12. Students and teachers will begin using the new resources in the fall of 2017. The new curriculum was chosen by a Curriculum Review Team of teachers and administrators, after an extensive process that involved input from teachers, parents and students district-wide. 

In addition to new print and online classroom materials, the district will be implementing additional changes for math in the fall. These changes include:
  • Improved math pathways 
    • Course sequencing has been defined. Middle school students can plan out their math courses through high school, taking into account the classes they will need to prepare them for a two-year, four-year or technical education after they graduate. 
    • The pathways now allow for more flexibility. Students may begin taking accelerated courses in grade 5 or grade 8.
  • More classroom resources (manipulatives, online programs, etc.) and professional development opportunities for teachers.
  • Improved resources for parents and guardians that explain grade level outcomes and allow them to better support their children in math at home.
Throughout their review of the district’s existing curriculum, the committee also studied the courses offered to students who test above their grade level in math. It was found that entrance requirements needed to be revised, content should be compacted and not skipped and, as mentioned above, there should be additional opportunities for students to access sequence of accelerated math courses, not just starting at grade 7.

To solve these challenges, the district will offer a new course, Accelerated Math 1, in the fall of 2017 for students entering grade 5 who meet the requirements. These students will be the first class of students to follow the revised math pathway (see below). Course placement letters will be mailed to current 4th grade families in the coming weeks with their 5th grade math placement. 

Students entering grades 6 and above in the fall of 2017 will follow the existing Enriched Math track that they began when they entered middle school.

Math Pathways Chart for Grades 5-12

Administrators presented an update on the math Curriculum Review to the School Board on March 20 and will present their final recommendations at the May 15 meeting. 


Parents and guardians are encouraged to contact their building principal if they have questions about the math curriculum and course changes.