Total Special Education Systems

The Total Special Education Systems (TSES) Manual

The Total Special Education Systems (TSES) Manual is designed to assist districts in achieving compliance with special education mandates and funding requirements.

The TSES Manual includes (1) descriptions of policies that local school districts are required to develop; (2) supplemental items that demonstrate compliance; and (3) relevant laws and regulations.

PLEASE NOTE: Since federal regulations and state laws and rules continue to undergo changes, the TSES Manual includes references to laws that may, at times, conflict. Whenever that occurs, if federal law is more restrictive than state law, it supersedes state law, but if state laws are more prescriptive, then they supersede federal law.

If you have questions regarding the TSES Manual, please contact the Director of Special Education at

Independent School District 197 Restrictive Procedures Plan

Schools that intend to use restrictive procedures are required to maintain and make publicly accessible a restrictive procedures plan for children. Restrictive procedures mean the use of physical holding or seclusion in an emergency.

An emergency means a situation where immediate intervention is needed to protect a child or other individual from physical injury or to prevent serious property damage. Restrictive procedures may be used only in response to behavior that constitutes an emergency, even if written into a child’s Individual Education Plan or Behavior Intervention Plan.

The ISD 197 Restrictive Procedures Plan is available below.

Restraint and Seclusion Oversight Committee

Independent School District 197 Restraint and Seclusion Oversight Committee meets quarterly on the following dates for the 2019-2020 school year: