There are many lists available for recommended reading by Gifted and Talented students.

SUMMER ACTIVITIESSummer is an ideal time for students to discover and explore new interests and activities. April is a good time to collect flyers and information about these programs and begin making selections of summer activities. Some things to consider:
  • Older students may want to consider selecting activities to build their future college application resumes, such as volunteer service, internships, or paid employment.
  • Networking with family friends and neighbors may reveal occupations and organizations that would provide mutually beneficial summer internship or employment opportunities. 
  • Groups of friends and neighbors may consider creating small group activities like book clubs (see suggested reading list below) or weekly practice ensembles for band or orchestra students with an end of the summer neighborhood outdoor concert. Parents could also decide to carpool to a summer day camp.  
  • Some students may practice entrepreneurial skills with their own lawn care, child care or tutoring service, or tennis or music lessons for younger children. 
  • Self-directed students may want to keep daily writing journals or begin writing their first novel.  

District 197 participates in a multi-district summer program for gifted and talented students with courses described at

There are many opportunities for organized summer camps in our local communities, greater metro area and statewide: