LIVEGREEN Week - February 6-10
LIVEGREEN Week - February 6-10
Posted on 01/26/2017

LIVEGREEN Week is an opportunity for our district community of teachers, staff, and students to pause and shift their attention and actions to promote a more environmentally friendly way of living. Help celebrate sustainability in District 197 by participating in one or all of the events below.

Monday: Make/Take the LIVEGREEN Pledge - 
There are many ways to promote green living. To show all that we hope to achieve as a district and community, students and staff are encouraged to pledge to work toward a sustainable change. 

Tuesday: Water Conservation - 
In an attempt to reduce the amount water wasted and to note what we have conserved so far, water filling stations will be celebrated. Instead of drinking directly from the fountain or using disposable water bottles, try bringing a reusable water bottle to school.        

Wednesday: Waste Watch - 
A grant from Dakota County provided the district with the opportunity to add over 300 new recycle and organic bins in staff lounges and elementary school cafeterias. Each bin is labeled with a picture showing what types of items should be placed in it. Take a moment to review these labels to ensure items are being thrown in the correct bin. 

Thursday: Paperless Day - 
Do your part to reduce paper waste across the district. If possible, do all school lessons on tablets or computers. Need scratch paper? Try the recycle bin instead of using a new sheet.

Lights OUT, Electronics OFF - 
Office and classroom plug load (all items plugged into outlets) accounts for more than 20% and as much as 50% of a building's electricity. Examine your work space and make sure things are off and unplugged when not in use.

Remember to wear green or your LIVEGREEN t-shirt on Friday!