Healthy Hero Award - Stephanie Kennelly
Healthy Hero Award - Stephanie Kennelly
Posted on 12/05/2016

KennellyGarlough Environmental Magnet School third grade teacher Stephanie Kennelly has introduced “Yoga Calm” to her classroom students and is currently offering weekly sessions to interested staff.   

Yoga Calm – “Integrating yoga for kids, mindfulness, movement and social/emotional learning." 

Stephanie began her mission out of frustration on how to help two of her students focus on learning. 

Stephanie discovered the Yoga Calm program through a fitness acquaintance. She then raised the funds to bring the program to her classroom.  Stephanie attended a summer class to become a certified instructor along with purchasing needed and helpful materials.

If you step into her classroom you will find a “calm” area arranged for students and find Stephanie incorporating her techniques.  Since implementing Yoga Calm, Stephanie reports positive results within her classroom among students regarding behavior, academics and more. She has also found that she is a more grounded and focused teacher. 

Stephanie’s future goal is to make Yoga Calm a district-wide program. 

The Healthy Hero Award is a program of the District 197 Wellness Committee. The committee, made up of teachers and staff from all schools, strives to improve nutrition and physical activity district-wide. To learn more about the Wellness Committee or to nominate a district employee for a Healthy Hero Award, please visit

Kennelly Third Grade Class

Garlough teachers Rachel Swarts, Stephanie Kennelly and April Elmer, Principal Sue Powell, District Health Services Coordinator Stacie O'Leary (Wellness Committee)